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   Our mission is to provide quality pickleball and fitness equipment that inspires you to get moving and enjoy life, whatever your age. But there is more:  I will bring you this quality equipment with tax included pricing and free shipping over $50 in Canada.  While sourcing these, when I find some ‘must have’ gifts for you and your family, I will add them to my store as well for your pleasure.

I am incredibly proud to be an affiliate with a leader in sporting goods, Franklin Sports.  Getting its start in 1946, Franklin Sports continues today as a family-run sporting business.  What I believe are the best of the best, Franklin brings great ideas and products to all levels of sports participants. They also understand consumer needs and offer the strongest value.  You have seen them partnering successfully with major brands. For example, MLB, NHL, NFL and of course, the ever-growing Pickleball Sport.  

Have fun and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Sporty Guru,

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